Friday, October 3, 2008

Being 40

I am reading "40 Things to Do When You are Forty" as a newly turned 40 with some sensitivity to the unglamorous part of this decade (getting mammograms and buying reader glasses - woo hoo!) I was pleased to read a great quote from Tawni O'Dell,

"Not long ago I would have tried to make myself care, or I would have worried that I didn't care, or I would have pretended that I cared. Now I calmly revel in the fact that I don't care that I don't care."

I spent my 20's on starter marriages, finishing school and starting my career. I spent my 30's on making a family, buying a house, finishing grad school and being a good wife, mother, business woman, community member, etc. I am not sure what the 40's hold but I am starting to care less about how I "should act" and how I "should look" and just being who I am. Maybe this 40's thing will be better than I thought?

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