Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Saints Living Among Us

I was sitting on a plane today next to a mother traveling with her son. He made all the usual noises and gestures of a typical 3-year old excited to be on a plane. The thing was that her son was 25. I sat there in awe of the work this woman has done the majority of her life, taking care of a 3 year old boy trapped in a 25 year old man. She was kind, patient, smart and incredibly calm.

We chatted for awhile about the perils of traveling with children and I told her about the Airline Passenger's Bill Of Rights and how I had been to Washington many times to help pass federal legislation to protect passengers from being stranded on planes, trapped without food or water. Clearly, protection like that would really benefit families like hers.

It was then that she mentioned a second son traveling with her, sitting a few rows up with her husband. He was 29 she said, but also with severe mental disabilities.

I am certain it was the closest I have ever come to being in the presence of a saint.