Monday, October 13, 2008

Making Time

I don't trust people on planes who don't work, read, watch movies or listen to music. I am sorry, but there is something not right with someone who just sits and stares at the seat in front of them. I sat next to one such person today on my flight between NH and Washington DC. Of course, the wicked side of me was secretly scheming that the guy was probably a government employee (even a lazy Senator perhaps?) who was not working based on principle - it was Columbus Day and a national holiday.

Turns out, I boarded my next flight bound for Phoenix and who do I sit right next to? Mr. Do Nothing. So now I am curious and ask what he does (sales) and where he lives (AZ) and he said he has a hard time doing any work on an airplane. My curiousity satisfied, I got elbows deep into laptop work, listening to my iPod when I notice that Mr. Do Nothing is now chatting with the woman across the aisle from him. Over the course of the next 4 hours, they leaned across the aisle from each other whispering and laughing, and even dared to do some touching. I could overhear that they were both divorced (he was married 10 years and got a divorce because he didn't want kids and she was married 20 years and got a divorce because her ex had an affair with her best friend and is now engaged to her). And apparently she is a Gemini.

By the end of the flight, they had worked out a plan for him to follow her to her hotel "to help her find it". I am certain that a hook-up happened in Phoenix tonight.

It was the most entertaining flight I have been on in a long time!